Ladies of Unity. Day Two.


Ladies of Unity. Day Two.

As promised. I generally try to do what I say that I’m going to do. This also means that I have no idea what I’m going to post for the next couple of days. Making these daily multiple pictures posts isn’t easy. But, y’all seem to like them.

So, off I go.

It’s supposed to rain today. That’s good. And bad. Bad for the obvious reasons. Good because pictures of wet streets and wet Mardi Gras decorations look somehow special. At least different from the usual pictures.

We’ll see.

The pictures. I’m only going to talk about a couple, mostly because you know what I’m going to say. F8 and be there. And, it’s not so much the technical stuff I’m going to talk about. It’s the content.

The first is the general look of The Ladies of Unity. Really, the picture in which you that you can see that best is called “Lovely.” And, so they were. I’ve photographed a lot of second lines. I’ve never seen a social and aid club look quite so elegant. That’s not to say that other clubs don’t look good. They do. But, these ladies were just outstanding.

The second picture is  called “I’ve Never Understood This.” That guy smoking the cigarette is the lead trumpet player. It takes a lot of air and lung power to play the instrument as loudly as he does. Not only that, but they are walking and playing at the same time. I would think getting any kind of smoke in his lungs would not exactly be a great thing. By the way, see that thing on his shoulder? That’s the little video camera I was talking about yesterday.

A couple of you posted your favorite picture. Thank you. Keep it up. The one thing I dislike about being a one man band, plus associates as needed, is the lack of picture talk. My favorite? You know, I’m always going to like something that is a little on the edge. So…. It’s “Watching the Parade Flow By.” It’s an example of how I quickly ask permission without really disturbing anything. A kind of street portrait.


  1. Great series. I totally agree on your choice of pictures. “Watching the Parade Go By” has all the elements of intimacy and humor, to say nothing about color.
    What lens are you using?
    Thanks for posting these. Since we can be there this is almost as good.


    1. Thank you, Tim. Lenses… depends on the parade. Because I’ve been doing this for so long, I know the routes so I change my lensing. In this case, two bodies. One with the Sony OSS 16-50, which I’m not sure about yet. And, the other with an 18-200. The “parade go by” picture was made at 16mm.


      1. My preference in working methods is work very close. Normally with two bodies, the lenses would be something wide and something medium, like a 70 or 85. But, my own mentor thinks that using a 50 is using a telephoto, so…. that’s how I think. I like to try to build depth. Long glass compresses and flatness that out.


      2. Very true on the telephotos. I’d not heard of a 50mm being described as a telephoto. Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the continued flow on this thread. I realize how busy you are.


      3. Actually, correcting a 16 via some kind of post looks weird to my eye. But, what I’m always after is something between 20-24 whether it’s “Full Frame,” “Cropped Sensor,” or real live film.


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