Krewe du Vieux

King and his lampshade.
King and his lampshade.

Now it started.

Parade Season. Even though the rest of the New Orleans parades don’t roll until next Friday, Krewe du Vieux is the real kick off in the city. It’s an adults only parade that is a bit raunchy, a bit over the top and very irreverent.

Like all parades in the city, when it began this was a much smaller parade. It was seriously raunchy then. I could tell you stories. But, I won’t. This is a family blog. But, as it grew, it seemed to self edit a little. I’m not sure that it had to. People who come out for this parade know what they are getting into. After all, it’s New Orleans. It’s the French Quarter. What happens here, stays here. Or, something like that.

About the pictures. Once again. The Quarter is a dark place with pools of light. Even working at ISO 2500, which I hate to do because it introduces all sorts of noise the picture, I was generally working wide open at about 1/4 to 1/8th of a second. Even with all the new technology, extremely sharp images were mostly just a wish and a prayer. So, I slowed things down a bit and let whatever happened in front of the lens make the picture.

Of course, that meant I lost a lot of pictures. But, that’s life. Right?

Let’s see if this works on twitter.



      1. Fir the first or second timer, it’s great fun. A lot of people leave the city for two weeks if they can. This year we are going to have serious parking problems with all the major construction going on throughout the city.

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