I Turned Left

Mardi Gras mask.
Mardi Gras mask.

It’s Carnival time.

Third and fourth parades tonight. Then, the bigger Uptown parades start on Friday. I haven’t been all that motivated. I’m having a tough time getting into it. I’m not exactly sure why not. Usually, by now I’m chasing around photographing decorations and details.

So. I thought that I would post a selection of pictures from Mardi Gras 2015. Some that you’ve seen; many that you haven’t.

I was going to post another selection of older work. Pictures from Asia. China, specifically. But, I think I’m done with showing you all that past work for now. Yeah, yeah. This is past work too. But, it’s not even a year old. Hopefully, it will get you in the mood. Hopefully, I’ll feel like actually photographing Mardi Gras 2016. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully…

Pictures. What are you looking at? Heh! Mardi Gras 2015.


A little Mardi Gras doll, masked and ready to hang somewhere. A small brass band leading a second line through the French Quarter. Beads on the fence. The Krewe of Zulu, lead by the Tramps. A really ugly zombie mask. A masked member of a float. A parade member walking to her parade. Reflections in a French Quarter window. Another krewe member headed to his float. And, masks on the fence.

That was a pretty quick wrap up, wasn’t it? It should be. After all, it’s last year’s Carnival. Let’s see what I do this year.


  1. I called the person who stays at our Brooklyn house at about 8am. 7 inches. She just called again. Something like two feet. And, I’m complaining because the parades will be cold — around 40 degrees. Sheesh.


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