Folded hands.
Folded hands.

Portraits. I don’t always make pictures of subjects that move my artistic sensibilities. Sometimes, I actually have to work for a living.

These ten pictures are an example of my paid work. Work I rarely show you on Storyteller. Work that I did for various clients and agencies. Some was made as art directed stock. Some was made as art directed corporate portraiture. Some was made for the person in the picture. No matter what and for whom, I still try to bring my own sensibilities to the picture. I still have to be “on.” And, yes. There is more pressure. Someone is paying for this. Generally, I still only get one go at it. I can’t go back and reschedule if I make a mistake. Well, I can. But, then I’m paying the cost. And, I have to make a lot of excuses. In the old days I could blame the lab. Can’t do that anymore. Even if the picture was made to fulfill an agency’s future need, there are still expenses. Theirs and mine. Sometimes I can wait around, but time — as they say — is money. And, money puts kibbles in my dogs’ bowls.

The pictures. The first thing that you’ll notice is they aren’t as contrasty and colorful as my usual work. There is a reason for that. This stuff shows up in ads. On client websites. In sales brochures. In corporate publications. On a billboard or two. Like that.

The people who create that material want and need fairly color balanced imagery. They don’t want to guess about color fidelity. They want to know that my pictures don’t need a lot of work to get back to normal. Luckily, I understand printing technology fairly well since a chunk of my career was spent managing big professional presses. It works out well for everybody involved.

So. I told you. Today might get a little boring.

By the way, I don’t only make portraits for clients. I’m sort of on a portrait spree right now, on Storyteller. I’ll get back to something else. Eventually.


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