New Orleans. And, a Backdoor.

Mardi Gras celebration.
Mardi Gras celebration on Royal Street.

Well, well, well…

There is a backdoor. It’s not quite where some of you suggested. But, it’s nearby and it got me to the so-called classic desktop. However, it took a lot of time to use. That’s fine. But, I’d rather spend my time taking pictures, working on pictures and planning my next shoot. If I’m not doing that, there is other stuff I’d rather be doing than mess with formatting Storyteller posts. After all, pictures are what I do. Not coding. And, I have no idea how long this will last. WordPress could de-link it at any time.

This experience has also been quite humbling. So many of you either offered suggestions about formatting or asked me not to leave.  As I wrote yesterday, I’m not burnt out. I’m energized. I want to show you New Orleans. I’d rather do that than argue with WordPress. I’d also prefer that WordPress would actually treat us — the supposedly important content creators — like human beings.

Even my gallery partner, Robert Moldaner, added to the mix. He suggested this kind of material should be our next show. Actually, yesterday’s material. I don’t know about that. Yes. I like the pictures. Apparently, so do you. But, even though the actual picture is very simple, making it is very hard. I have to be in the right place. The light has to be right on. The moment has to be special. And, so on and so on and so on.  As NGS’ Jim Richardson says, “If you want better pictures, stand in front of better stuff.”

I’ll tell you a little about each picture. But, there is a caption hiding with each picture. You have open the picture that you like and the caption will open with it. Admittedly, the captions are short, but they’ll tell you a little something about the picture.


You can go to every one of these places while you are visiting. Of course, the timing for seeing a real jazz funeral is a little iffy, but that’s it. If you come early for Carnival, you can see people dancing in the French Quarter streets for Krewe du Vieux. Or, if you are here on Mardi Gras Day, there is plenty of French Quarter dancing going on.

“Low Sunlight,” “Through the Fence,” and “Motion and Color” are really a matter of being on the scene when the light changes. Again, even though they were made in the Quarter, I still like the images. And, they weren’t taken on Bourbon Street.

If you are roaming around the city, you can go to the 9th Ward and turn right towards the river levee, drive through Holy Cross, climb up the levee and see, “From Holy Cross.” I can’t  predict the light. But arrive as dusk falls and you might see something like the picture. The same thing with, “Crescent City Connection.” Drive across the bridge towards Algiers Point, follow the signs to the levee and you’ll see what I photographed.

Visitors tend to forget that we have a fairly vibrant business district. If you are staying in the Quarter, walk to Canal Street, catch the green streetcar (the last picture) and get off around Lafayette Square. Wander around and you’ll see our version of big business. If you are here in spring and early summer there is plenty of music at Lafayette Square. By the way, this square was the American version of Jackson Square in the French Quarter. The neutral ground on Canal Street divided the two neighborhoods.

That’s it. Happy Sunday.


  1. Hey,these images and the ones in the preceding post are what I wished that you would give us.The city alive and well, vivid, palpable and in contrast to the inevitable decay that exist in all cities – there may be more after a large disaster but -hello! here you go with life as it also is. I thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Vera. Two points to that. One of our nicknames is, “The City that Care Forgot.” It’s been that way since forever. Two, these picture represent the best of about two years work. It’s impossible to shoot at that level. You might not have the light, the weather, the people and especially the luck.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ray, I and huge number of people are very pleased that you found the work around. Not the best but …..
    The most striking image it the low light in the French Quarter. It is rich and vibrant. Keep ’em coming.


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