Big Hugs
Big Hugs.

This. And, only this.

I awoke today with just about everything that can beep or buzz, beeping or buzzing. David Bowie left the planet. It’s the big, trending topic on just about all social media. In traditional media too.  It seems like it’s the conversation of everyone on the planet that he just left. I’d show you a couple of pictures of him. But, my newest are twenty years old. And, still I don’t own them. Let that be a lesson to you all.


I did the next best thing. These pictures. I made them yesterday at the Lady Jetsetters 25th Anniversary second line parade. Look at them. They’ll tell you just about everything you need to know about anything. It wasn’t my doing.

Funny thing. When I took them, I didn’t think I’d done much. I shot them pretty much on auto pilot. I’m sick. Maybe I made myself sicker by walking three miles photographing this parade. But, well. I dunno. I had to. You’ll see more pictures as the week goes on. They are subtle. Or sublime, which is a tricky word. Go too far into that direction and boredom sets in.

So, back to David Bowie. If you use Spotify, go there. They produced a play list, set list, song list of his work. It’s very, very good. If you are of a certain age, the memories will just come flooding back.

No matter what, listen to his last album. “Black Star.” It was released on Friday to incredible reviews. It is transcendent. No question. Especially “Lazarus,” when he says goodbye. It’s not sad. It won’t bring you down. Quite the opposite. After all… it opens with “Look up. I’m in heaven.”

You know, in the past three months, we’ve lost a couple of great musicians who meant a lot to me. Yes. Of course, I’m sad today. Just as I was a few months ago. But, I’m also humbled and very, very grateful to walk on the planet at the same time that they did.

Think of it that way.

Lady Jetsetters Second Line.
Nothing better.

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