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Winter Nights

Royal Street, The French Quarter.

Royal Street, The French Quarter.

It’s our kind of winter, anyway.

Actually, we had a big storm roll in during the night. Once the clouds move on, the temperatures will drop appreciably. Lows in the 30s. Now we’re getting somewhere.

I made this picture when we went to the Krewe of Joan of Arc parade. You know. I rarely just photograph what I came for. Even as we were trudging along, I kept looking. And seeing. A little. This picture is certainly technology-driven. I’ve been working with a new lens. It’s designed for the camera. Even though it’s a little slowish for my old school standards — its maximum aperture is f4 — it seems to pull in light from every place. The shadow detail in the upper floors of the building is very good.  And, that’s in the dark of night, when I really don’t like to work so much.

I wasn’t sure about this picture. But, once I started working on it in post production it sort of grew on me. Now I like it. I hope that you do too.



    • I probably should have written that since my photo philosophy is really that gear doesn’t matter; only the photographer does. But, I’ve noticing that technology does change things and always did. So… Sony 16-50. It has terrible barrel distortion but can easily by corrected with software.

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  1. My Pleasure. I’ve gotten simpler in my gear as I’ve gotten older and — hopefully a little more mature. These days, it Sony mirrorless and a few lenses and Leica film and a couple of lenses.


  2. meineDwenie says

    Yes. Always, we like your shots. I always like your photographs. And the story you inculcated with your gallery is immense.


  3. Kacie says

    I love looking at your pictures. I’ve been to new Orleans during the Christmas holidays around the time the high school football games are being played at the dome. it’s a magical time in the city


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