Another Night…

Joining the fun.
Joining the fun.

The Twelfth Night. Epiphany. Three Kings.

I wrote about all of this yesterday. I’m a little bit lazy today. I’ll show you just this one picture from the parade. And,  then take a break from all things Mardi Gras, because there is a little break from the next photographable event. I actually did a little better than I thought. Which is saying something. I’m lucky that I could hang in as long as I did and push back some against the crowd.

Here’s why.

We are recovering from colds. For once, we were able to heal properly. We mostly laid around for about a week. That sounds great. But, that meant no exercise. Hardly going out unless one of us had to do something. Like take a picture. And, come immediately home. Sooooo… walking to the parade area was about a mile jaunt. I thought I was gonna die. Between no exercise and my lungs still not being completely clear… Well, you get it.

But, after about a ten minute break, and I was ready to go again. When we got tired, we rested. By the end of the night, according to the latest technology, we walked 3.91 miles. I was fine yesterday. I’m okay today. I have a little cough. But, I pretty much feel okay.

I don’t really know the woman in the picture, but I’ve seen her around. Normally she cruises around Bourbon Street on the tricycle she is riding in this picture, nagging people into heavenly salvation.

The picture. From a technical standpoint, this is an impossible picture. I know, I know. If I bought the newly released Nikon top of the line camera body, I could turn night into day. And, day into a sun blown blur. But, who wants to do that?

So, I’m just pretty happy that the picture works as well as it does.


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