Tambourine Thing

A little rattle and hum.
A little rattle and hum.

Tambourines. Portable street music.

You see them — and hear them — at all sorts of street events. Second line parades. Jazz funerals. Mardi Gras Indian parades. They are certainly easy to play if you have any sort of natural rhythm. They are easier to carry than a tuba or bass drum. And, they don’t take all sorts of music lessons, practice and rehearsals. You just bang away.

More or less.

You generally see a lot of them at a Mardi Gras Indian jazz funerals. Suited, masked and Indians dressed in street clothes play them. You’d be amazed at the music they get out of a simple little instrument like this one.

The pictures. Well. I had a lot of pictures remaining from the Big Chief Lionel Delpit III’s and his companion, Breon Stewart’s funeral a few weeks ago. I didn’t show you all of my original selects. You know me. Less is more. And, certainly more isn’t normally more. Show your best work. Let it go.

But, I started looking at the pictures in different ways. I started organizing them in little groupings. Like a small portfolio. You know I do this sometimes. Usually, I organize them by a larger group — the music, the parade, portraits and details. And, so on.

This time I went a little deeper. This collection is the result.


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