New Year’s Day

Like a fall leaf.
Like a fall leaf.


Winter doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. Hot. Cold. Wet. Dry.

At least in New Orleans. The temperature dropped about 24 degrees in less than a day. We’ve had heavy rain. Some wind. Then more hot weather. Then more rain. Then more heat. Now cold. You can see for yourself in these pictures what all that rain and heat did. Stuff just grows here.

All of these pictures were made during one day. A couple of days ago. In The Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.

One picture looks like fall, the other three look like spring, or early summer.

I guess that I should count my lucky stars. The West Coast has had a lot of snow. North of here in the Mid West, there have been a lot of big storms that dumped gallons of water everywhere.

That’s not all.

Tornadoes. Flash floods. Small towns flooded. Some interstates near St. Louis have been closed due to flooding. Towns in North Texas and Northern Mississippi were badly damaged. People died.

Eventually, in about two weeks or so, all of this water will move down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, where it will rise to a couple of feet above flood level. Not to worry, there are ways to release the flood water way above the city. Way upriver. Some of the spillways that release the water haven’t been used in decades.

The river will be very high when it reaches New Orleans, but it shouldn’t hurt us.

One thing to know, the river rises this high sometimes on a yearly basis. In the early summer. That’s pretty normal.


It’s winter. It’s New Year’s Day.

You’ll see pictures of our high water when it arrives. Trust me. This kind of extreme weird weather interests me a lot. I’ll work a lot. That’s great for you.

As I said in the last couple of posts, I had no long-term picture projects in mind. Now I do. If this is how 2016 is starting, I’d say that 2016 could be a very interesting year. You know what the worst possible curse in Chinese is, don’t you?

“May you live in interesting times.”


  1. Over here on the opposite side of the globe, very “interesting” weather, too. Instead of the usual 4 seasons, 2015 was a rainy, grey +10C all year, summer to winter. Though we were lucky not to have any bad floods


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