What a weird parade. I never actually saw the Krewe of Pygmalion’s Mardi Gras parade roll. It started very late. I left the staging area and parade start location about 35-40 minutes after the scheduled start time and I never saw a float. Anywhere. Usually, the floats and krewe are lined up in about one of […]

So. It begins. The Uptown parades began to roll on Friday night. As you already know, I like to work the margins. The edges. Along the gutters. There’s a good reason for that. I cannot compete on a timely basis with about 10,000 people armed with smart phones, and news media outlets who all immediately […]

Mardi Gras beads. The funny thing about beads is that they really have no value. Yet, we fight for them when a parade rolls by. People will do weird things for them. You’ve heard the stories I’m sure. Other people will wander around French Quarter streets wearing about ten pounds of beads on their shoulders and […]

This is why. This is the reason that I like to work from the start of almost any parade. Especially Mardi Gras parades. This is where the pictures are. The unusual pictures. The little moments. The interaction between the subject, other subjects and me. This is where I actually get to talk to the people […]

A look back in order to look forward. These are the people of Mardi Gras. Well… a few of them. From different years. Different locations. And, the images are made with very different camera gear. Which brings me to… The pictures. The content is fine. The quality is not great. I can see the transition […]

Sunday. The Ladies of Unity second line. Their tenth anniversary. That means they began just as Katrina recovery was just starting. Ten is sort of a big number normally. But, it’s a really big number for this social aid and pleasure club considering the circumstance. And, that they likely walked their first second line to fairly […]

Now it started. Parade Season. Even though the rest of the New Orleans parades don’t roll until next Friday, Krewe du Vieux is the real kick off in the city. It’s an adults only parade that is a bit raunchy, a bit over the top and very irreverent. Like all parades in the city, when […]

It’s Carnival time. Third and fourth parades tonight. Then, the bigger Uptown parades start on Friday. I haven’t been all that motivated. I’m having a tough time getting into it. I’m not exactly sure why not. Usually, by now I’m chasing around photographing decorations and details. So. I thought that I would post a selection of pictures from […]