Hot 8

Trumpeting away in the Hot 8 brass band.
Trumpeting away in the Hot 8 brass band.

Not like yesterday. Thankfully.

I don’t think I could write about something so tragic. So sad. Again. At least, not two days in a row. So, this second line was small by comparison. It was tight and compact. It wound its way through Central City. It was also a pretty happy event.

I decided that one picture is enough. A simple, but luckily, very well lighted portrait of the trumpet player in the brass band called Hot 8. They played in support of the Lady & Men Rollers, who were celebrating their 20th anniversary. You’ve seen this musician before. He and the band works a lot. All over the city. Around the country. And, often, the world.

In many ways, the Hot 8 mirror yesterday’s post. Among many other things, they’ve played at three jazz funerals. For three of their own members who were shot and killed in the past 18 years. A friend of mine mentioned that the city is 19th on the list of the world’s most dangerous cities. I’m beginning to wonder. What am I doing here?

The picture. I added a little color and glow to enhance the way the light fell upon the subject. For the most part, what you see is what I saw. I don’t know what BMGZ means. Next time I see these guys, I’ll ask.

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