Storms for Christmas

Mid City storm.
Mid City storm.

According to the weather reports New Orleans is going to have a wet, rainy, dreary Christmas. And, it’s not like a winter storm. Humidity is way up. So is the temperature. It broke a record yesterday. In fact, the temperature on Christmas Day should be a brisk 80 degrees. Another record. Luckily…

Oh, never mind. A lot of places are predicted to have record highs on Christmas Day.  And, I’m not just talking about the South. The Mid-West and East are also going to be warm, or warmish.

Let’s talk about this picture. I made it in Mid City, at about the time I was commuting back and forth to prepare and hang my gallery show. I held on to it, not exactly knowing what to do with it.

Below is the original picture. There was a little sunlight peaking through the storm clouds. That caused some really strange reflections into the sky itself. The clouds trapped the light. That happens often on a cloudy night. Daylight is another thing entirely. It almost looks too weird to me. So, I messed with it. The sky still has strange light, but it works with the heavy photo manipulation. I don’t think it works so well in the lower picture which is original.

Those little vertical streaks in the picture? They are raindrops with a touch of backlighted sunlight helping them to sparkle.

I dunno. You tell me.

The original picture.
The original picture.


      1. I hope he continues to like it. Like every city, we have our issues. After returning after the storm, we eventually settled into The Garden District. My wife reminded me that we have never once lived in this house when major transportation construction wasn’t going on. The city says we have about 18 more years of this… 18 years. Imagine that. I hope wherever your brother lives, that it is fairly safe and not in a constant state of construction. Next time you come down, let me know. I’ve met a couple of fellow bloggers down here. We’ve always had a pretty good time.


  1. Radość i szczęście, zdrowie i pomyślność, to najserdeczniejsze życzenia, jakie można złożyć. Takie też właśnie przesyłam. A do tego, wiele, wiele ciepła każdego dnia, rodzinnej rodzinnej atmosfery na co dzień i ciągłej obecności bliskich. To dzięki nim czujemy się dobrze i bezpiecznie, niech więc Cię to nigdy nie opuszcza.:)


    1. One would think with a family name like mine that I could read a little Polish. But, unfortunately not. Luckily, I can use Google Translate so I could read what you wrote in English. Thank you so much for your kinds words. I hope all the same for you and your family. Merry Christmas and may the new year by a great one for you. — Ray

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