Ruins in Hollygrove.
Ruins in Hollygrove.

Before I write anything more, a quick word of caution. If you are a Mac user, DO NOT download the latest their operating system called El Captain. It was bad from the original download. Now, two versions later, it’s worse. It’s slow. It doesn’t recognize other manufacturer’s software that I need to do my job, and it only took 27 hours to download. Yes. We have a very fast internet connection.

Now that, I’ve written that and gotten it off my chest…

I return to the scene of the crime — a past photographed location — every couple of months. I like to see the progress made in a particular neighborhood. This is a still unrepairedd house left over from Hurricane Katrina’s flood waters. It is located in a neighborhood called Hollygrove. You’ve been there with me in past stories. When I was there taking pictures, everything was fine. Three hours later it was a crime scene. A man was shot and killed there. I don’t know when the odds start turning against you, but it’s starting to feel that way. I’m very situationally aware –that’s the proper term for “I have good alarm bells in my head” — but life turns on a dime.

The picture. The actual image is pretty clean, but I added a ton of work to it in post production. The funny thing about this house is that it doesn’t look like a New Orleans house. It must have been a fine home pre-storm.


  1. Nice photo, Ray; I really like the added texture and the sense of age it adds to the photo.
    Sorry to hear about your experience with El Capitan. 😦 My experience was the opposite, as my 2013 iMac is running faster and the download and install only took about 25 minutes to complete. It might be time to call Apple Support and see if they can help you.


    1. Thanks, Earl. I have never heard anybody but you say it can be downloaded and installed in 25 minutes. Sheesh, even OSs for portables aren’t that fast. It’s not just that. It doesn’t play well with anything. It took three tries to boot Photoshop. It about killed Spotify, which is always bullet proof. Sonos? Ha! I spent hours in the past two days downloading other software, er apps, that worked fine previous to this. And it tossed out a large amount of passwords. I have no intention of ever calling Apple Support. I have never been able to get two agents or “geniuses” to agree with each other. Mostly they try to sell you repair services that conflict with each other. Glad you commented? Sorry.


      1. How true! With my reduced finances I am guilty of not buying things any more… Contemporary indy authors are so rotten… they are murdering the English language, I am a lover of good writing, that is why I like your blog
        (besides the picture) – but the future of English is blighted if these indy people continue to proliferate.
        O tempora o mores.


  2. Once upon a time, there were gatekeepers — editors, producers, directors — who kept the flow of undeserving work to a minimum. Not that we have been democratized via the internet everybody thinks they are some kind of artist. They can’t get paid because their material is so bad, so they think if they just lower the price… we’ve about reached the bottom.


  3. Love the treatment … but it delivered a sense of sadness as I thought about what it must be like to see remnants from the storm on a daily basis. … Hope you stop by the holiday party this weekend.


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