You don't see these every day.
You don’t see these every day.

They moved it.

In fact, they actually seem to be building a passenger train consist. A train of retro cars. How cool is that? Three silver-sided streamline passenger cars and one former Union Pacific streamliner. This yellow car was a big deal in the 1950s. It likely said goodbye to regular passenger service when Amtrak took over in 1971. Now, a private group owns these cars and has busily been restoring them.

You’ve seen the streamline tail end club car here. In a past post. The bottom picture is one version that you’ve seen. Probably back in about June. I’ve photographed it multiple times, in all kinds of light. Most low, blue or golden light.

I’m not sure what they are doing with these cars. There are a number of private train companies who attach cars to the end of an Amtrak train for private trips. There also one or two private railroad companies who lease mainline track time for special chartered trains. Since I haven’t seen any engines around from the streamline era, I’m guessing the cars will be attached to regular Amtrak passenger service.

The picture. The top picture. When I saw these cars next to the road in the lowish and very bright, contrasty sunlight, I saw them as a graphic composition. So that’s what I went after. That was my intent. It was probably the only way that I saw them. That’s how I explored the picture. My new photo buddy (from yesterday’s post) told me that he lives close by. He heard the train crew moving the cars around earlier that day. I guess that I was lucky. But, not that lucky. I would have liked to have photographed these cars being moved around.

Golden light in the old train yard.
Golden light in the old train yard.

9 thoughts on “Streamliner

    1. Being a very old curmudgeon, I can now tell you that I grew up riding those trains. The last time I took one of those old streamliner era trains, there were radio reports of a mob scene in some little town in Upstate New York called Woodstock. I was way too young to drink legally, but I was sitting in the downstairs part of the lounge car drinking beer and fleecing some guys I met on the train by being better at poker than they were.

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