422... or something like that.
422… or something like that.

422. That’s what the address looks like in this picture. If you tried to find it on Google Maps  you’d be way off.


The address is really 3442 Washington Avenue. I had a real problem determining that because the building sits diagonally on the corner of Washington Avenue and Galvez Street. Which street gets the address? Even though I grumble a lot — well, make that constantly — about technology, Google Street View came to my rescue. And, as an aside. I learned to text using voice rather than my big fingers. I did that just today. Yeah, yeah. I know that for what came to most of you five years ago, came to me an hour ago. But. Still. It’s a big break through for me. Makes you wonder how I walk and talk at the same time doesn’t it?


I photograph this place from time to time. Usually, it’s after a second line has passed through. Because I’m a repeat customer, I have watched this little neighborhood in Central City change over the past few years. The first time that I stopped to take pictures a guy was washing his car next to the gas pump. He told me to be careful, all the while looking from side to side to see who might be walking up the street. Today, it’s not quite so sporty. That’s much better.

The picture. You know how I took it. F 8 and more-or-less be there. A little help in post production to make things a little richer, brighter and more colorful and there you have it.

Oh, my gallery opening. Just in case you are wondering. Not that many people. Our big dream was to have people show up early, see the show, walk across the street to have dinner at the legendary Mandina’s, get on the red streetcar, go to NOMA and attend the big PhotoNOLA gala. Of course, most people forgot all but the last line. Oh, well. There is a gallery walk today. Even though we aren’t in what most people consider to be the artistic area of New Orleans, I imagine more people will find their way to the show. And, walk across Canal Street and have a great lunch.


Here’s the really great part. I hung this show never anticipating to sell anything. Maybe we might take a few orders for prints, but to my mind that was about it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I sold a picture off the wall. To an older couple. You know if I’m saying older… They collect art. They didn’t have a lot of local work and they wanted my work. The really big deal to me is that they bought it off the wall. That is super rare for these kind of shows. Even as I write this 18 hours later, I am still stunned. In a good way.




    1. Well, it was part of a larger even called PhotoNOLA which has traditionally been held on this weekend. BTW, in looking at your second line pictures I realized that you were generally standing behind or around my left shoulder.

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  1. Google street view, Google voice? Ray, you are ahead of me on both. I guess I’m going to have to, eventually.☺ Once upon a time we thought big brother was the government, but it is business 😨. Congratulations, I would have loved to have seen the opening as well.


    1. Hey, I use whatever Apple puts on an iPhone for voice. I’ve used Google Street View for a couple of years. The biggest problem with them is when they actually travel the street. Many views are fresh. Some time this year. Others, not so much. For example, I was looking at something in the 9th Ward. The last time they were there was 2006. Thanks for the congratulations.

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    1. Thank you. My sneaky way of publishing may have just bitten me. It’s an Indian picture that I sold. If you’ve seen the poster that I used to promote the show, here on Storyteller, it’s the “Green Indian.”


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