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Dixie Flyer

Algiers Point Flyer.

Algiers Point Flyer.

I found this little ditty. It’s a Randy Newman song about his mom. Written about a time during WWII, when he and his mom were living in Los Angeles while his dad was fighting in the war. The chorus goes something like this:

“Got on the Dixie Flyer bound for New Orleans
Across the state of Texas to the land of dreams
On the Dixie Flyer bound for New Orleans
Back to her friends and her family in the land of dreams”

The picture. As you can probably tell if you saw yesterday’s post, I sort of chased this train around. Wasn’t all that hard to do. The train was racing along at about 2 mph. In fact, I took this picture, drove to the levee, walked along the levee, took more pictures and then took the one you saw yesterday. I love it when a big, powerful machine is slower than me.

I think you already know this place. That is, if you’ve seen my other Algiers Point pictures. The train is running on the  street that parallels the levee. The levee is behind it. The Mississippi River is behind it. And, above is the Crescent City Connection. Or, The Greater New Orleans Bridge. Whichever you like.

Oh. Little Red Caboose up next.



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