Rollin’ Joe

Rollin' Joe
Rollin’ Joe.

Settle down.

I would never disparage someone in a wheelchair. You know better.

That’s his name. Rollin’ Joe. He’s the King of the Lady & Men Buckjumpers. You can call him King Joe. He lives his life to the fullest. He moves faster than I could. And, he even dispersed that pinkish-red smoke that you see in the background of a couple of my pictures.


Today’s post is about the parade itself. This is what it looked like. What it felt like. I wish there was a way to show you what it sounds like. What it smells like. But, I’m a little limited. At least with the smell thing. I suppose I could find something on YouTube. But, well, er, hmmmm.

The pictures. Shoot and scoot. Try to stay out of the parade’s way. Or, just join in. Mostly, I just join in. Since this crew is very colorful, that’s mostly what I went after. Bright color. It suits me.

Oh, see the woman in the Saints suit and hat. I mad a pretty nice portrait of her a few minutes before the parade started. If my plan works, I’ll show her to you on Friday. Tomorrow is for the music. Thursday is for the details. And, you thought I flew by the seat of my pants. That’ll learn you.

Of course, there’s this. Please don’t forget me.

All smiles.
All smiles.
Meeting a friend.
Meeting a friend.
Out on the rope.
Out on the rope.


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