Second Lines, Inside Out

The ladies get ready.
The ladies get ready.

They said that they wanted to paint the city red.

They did that. Man! Did they ever do that. They even blew red smoke into the air. You’ll see in the next few days.

But, first…

The Lady & Men Buckjumpers were pretty much ready to go. They arrived in short buses and a few limos. They made their way into the neighborhood bar to finish fine tuning their clothes. The Purple Rain Bar. This is sort of a home bar for various social clubs and Mardi Gras Indian tribes. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to be invited inside. This time, I just sort of walked in, asked the guy at the door if he minded if I took a few pictures. He gave me a broad smile and told me to “Come on in.”

That lead to these pictures.

The pictures. First. I don’t always ask. Once I’m inside I assume that’s implied permission to photograph anything… well, just about anything. I’m very respectful of the paraders. And, most importantly, I always say thank you and spread my business card around. Since selling pictures back to the people participating in second lines isn’t a part of my revenue stream, I make sure that they know if they call or email, I’ll GIVE them pictures. That’s the very least I can do.

That said.

The pictures are pretty self-explanatory. Maybe. The Ladies’ color was red. The men wore black suits with contrasting blues and lavenders. I think that everybody looks great. There is one picture that I’d like to tell you about.

Picture four. Note the caption. Look in the mirror. There I am. With my dancing friends. They kept dancing until I was done. I think this might be a great e-Christmas card for LaskowitzPictures. It suits me well. Bright colors. Lots of red. Neighborhood bar. Even a couple of Christmas trees. What do you think?

Of course, there is also this. Please don’t forget. My deadline is coming soon. For more details please go to Storyteller, November 4.

The men need a little help.
The men need a little help.
The boss prepares for the street
The boss prepares for the street
My Christmas card, maybe.
My Christmas card, maybe.
Dressed in red.
Dressed in red.


  1. I made the “Christmas Card” picture square. Works a little better. I was also going to let there be more motion in those pictures, which in mid-career (100 years ago :)) helped it to grow. These days, it’s all about sharpness. Too bad for that.


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