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It Was Built Old

Details, Details, Doors

Details, Details, Doors.

A promise is a promise.

I wrote, yesterday, that I would show you what was across the street from the old car repair shop. This is it. A 1932 Ford Panel Delivery Truck. It’s for sale. There’s a bit of a funny story to be told. While I was researching this old thing of rusted beauty, I ran across an ad for one up in British, Columbia. The owner said it was the only unrestored one left in the world. Good Try. I certainly didn’t travel up to Canada to photograph it. I like old cars. But, traveling that far for this truck… sheesh.


This one is located in Algiers Point, just across the river from New Orleans. I have no idea if it’s running. Or, if it even starts. It actually looks pretty solid. It was last inspected and licensed in 2012. It might make a great project for somebody. Not me. In fact, I tried to talk a guy who was just passing by into buying it. I told him that he looked like he needed a project. He wasn’t having it. Smart guy. While I was researching around, I found out that a completely and properly restored version of this truck is worth about $30,000 – $35,000. The asking price for this hulk is $15,000. Ray’s rule of thumb says that, at a minimum, the price you paid is equal to the restoration cost. Unless, you restore this truck because you love this model, there is no return on investment.

The pictures.

This is an interesting neighborhood. The repair shop that I showed you yesterday is across the street. This lot used to have a building on it. It’s pretty easy just to walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. The neighbors seem friendly. My danger radar didn’t come on. The bells didn’t ring.

The pictures were made pretty much as you see them. With the bright overcast light, it was sort of like working with a big, huge soft box. I added a little more pop to the color. But, that’s about it.

Oh. Why four pictures? You know that I think less is more.

This post sort of needs them.

The top picture is a detail picture. It really needs to be huge. It could be a huge picture hung on the wall. You could call it fine art. You could. I won’t. But, there are some technical limitations to this WordPress format. Yes. I could tinker with the code to make bigger pictures. But, I don’t think anybody wants me to do that. After all, I’m a coding idiot.

The middle picture is probably the view I photographed first. A lot of my composing and framing is straight ahead. If I had to choose only one picture, this would be it even though isn’t my favorite picture.

The third picture is simply an establishing shot. You see the truck, the lot and the neighborhood.

The fourth picture is my favorite… AS A PHOTOGRAPH. Unfortunately, you can’t see enough of the truck, the lot or the location.

There you have it. That’s sort of how I think. Especially about little photo essays.

Oh. And one more thing. Help a brother out. Printing, mounting, matting, glazing and framing a gallery show doesn’t come cheaply. Please slide over to Storyteller for November 4 for details.

Ford front grill.

Ford front grill.

Just so you can see it

Just so you can see it.

In the weeds

In the weeds.



    • Thank you. The problem in this region is rust. You almost have repair the exterior. I suppose there might be some kind of clear coat that would keep it looking as it is, but safer from the elements.

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