Big band, big crowds.
Big band, big crowds.

I just want to write for a minute.

By now, it’s been national news. By now it’s also probably almost forgotten outside of New Orleans. After all, we are a violent city. We get what we deserve. They say.

A quick recap for those of you who don’t know. As usual, there was a second line parade on Sunday. The Nine Times 9 second line. It’s a big, huge parade that meanders throughout the Upper 9th Ward. It’s been around for a long time. It was founded by guys who grew up in the old Desire Housing Projects. They left. Some don’t even live in the city. The projects were torn down. They come back for this second line. In many ways, for them it’s like a reunion.

On Sunday, after the second line ended there was a shooting in Bunny Friend Park. A mass shooting. 19 victims. Most were wounded and discharged. As of this writing, three are in the hospital, two are in critical condition. One young woman was shot three times in the lower back and will likely not walk again.

Early media coverage got some of it wrong. They related the second line to the shooting. It sort of looked that way. Later reporting revealed newer, better, facts. The parade actually did end at 4pm as planned. It passed by the park at 3pm. The shooting occurred a little after 6pm. It appears that it was a gunfight between two rival gangs. With some 500 people between them. Investigators found some 70 spent brass casings. Houses, and cars parked the street, were shot up. The city is enraged. The mayor called it domestic terrorism. By the FBI’s definitions, it is. There was a prayer meeting on the site tonight. Everybody held hands. A Catholic priest blessed the park.

I don’t know what more to say. Those are the facts as we know them today. Not only am I discouraged by this third mass shooting in New Orleans since I returned home, but I’m discouraged by some of the public’s reactions. First, they say that you are crazy if you go to a second line. Then they attacked some of the statements given by the hosting¬†social club. When all else failed, they attacked the media. Just as they always do.


Identify the root cause of the problem. Take the time. Fix the problem correctly. Do not over react and do something stupid for the short-term. Fix it for the long-term. And, for gosh sakes, think before you speak. After all, a Texas congressman said that the reason he wanted to ban Syrian refugees from entering into MY country is because guns are too easy to get. Gimme a break. He is one of the very people who does nothing to control gun sales in any way. Yeah. Like people need automatic long guns to defend themselves.

Oh yeah. This. Don’t forget me.