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Fit For a King

Women of Class King George Randall

Women of Class King George Randall

The king’s portrait.

Yes. One of my street portrait-things. I made it at the Women of Class second line. It seems that I take about the same picture every year at this parade. The color changes. The scene doesn’t. It was made as the parade was forming. In a parking lot.

And, that’s something important to know. Arrive early. You’ll have a lot more freedom if you do. By the time the actual event begins those who are participating will already be used to you. They will allow you to move freely through the parade. Or, whatever it is you are photographing. Especially in a city like New Orleans, where press credentials or “passes” really don’t seem to matter on the street. In fact, they might make it harder to move about.

Oh yeah. As always. Or, for a little while longer.

Have a look at Storyteller, November 4. Even if you can’t donate, please do share.




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