A Helping Hand

High heeled shoes...
High heel shoes…

Everybody could use a helping hand. Or two. Or four.

Especially if you are wearing high heels on New Orleans streets. And, if you are the Queen of The Women of Class. Luckily, Queen Trenice Jenkins didn’t walk in the second line. She rode in comfort, as a queen should. But, getting down the stoop steps and even over the potholed street was a bit of a challenge. So, she had a little help.

Me? I really like the helping hands. It’s a very cool little moment. But, I also really like the blue Beatles t-shirt. Everybody should have one. That’s what I think, anyway.

The picture. Hmmm. You know what I did. Still staying simple. Still getting close. And, as usual there is this…


Thank you to all who have donated so far. I’ll be asking for addresses so that I can send you gifts. Signed posters, prints or signed prints.



  1. Hi. Thank you for both. There is something that you can do for my crowdfunder that won’t cost you much. Or anything. 🙂 Please share that page. November 4. A couple of you have done that, mostly via Twitter and it’s helped a bit.

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