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A Little More Street

They came to dance.

They came to dance.

That’s all folks. For this second line.

I had a really good shooting day. But, you’ve seen enough. Besides, there are two second lines this weekend. If I shoot anywhere near as well as I did last Sunday, you’ll be seeing those pictures for weeks. Just kidding. That’s the last thing you need. Probably the last thing I need too.

Anyway, have a great weekend and as usual…

Gimme. Gimme. Gimme.

You know the rest. Thank for sharing and donating. Long way to go. Still.


On the porch.

On the porch.

The greeting.

The greeting.



      • Ray it is nice to see New Orleans in a different view that what most of us see from newscasts. Your pictures of the tribes (think that is what the performing groups are called) performing are vital and gives live to the city.


  1. Thank you again. I’m not sure what you are seeing, but most of our visitors think New Orleans is the French Quarter and more specifically Bourbon Street. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been on Bourbon Street and we rarely go to the Quarter. When we do, it’s usually to meet out of town friends. Or, during the holiday season. BTW, lately the pictures have been of social aid & pleasure societies walking on second lines, They are usually called a krewe or a gang. Mardi Gras Indians are called a krewe, gang or tribe depending on their neighborhood.


    • I give it my best. Especially right now. You know what I say? The work is the prayer. It has to be.BTW, we were in your neighborhood. Sorta. Kinda. Well, at least your state.

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      • Ha! Maybe I have a little Creole in me 😉
        I’ll be in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Johnson City…ending the week in Denver. I’m tired already.
        (I work in Wichita, too!)


      • Anything is possible, but that’s a 7th Ward thing. More than Creole. Creole people have a very sweet, gentle accent. 7th Ward people talk like me. I was born in Brooklyn. You know, “dis, dat and de udder.” Like Dr. John talks. Wrong side of TN for us. Maybe Memphis… We liked Wichita well enough but we weren’t there long enough to know, besides we never could find that lineman. 🙂


      • Bahahaha! I love Memphis – and I worked in the not pretty parts. The mainstream folks describe “Midwestern nice” – but I think people in the South are even nicer. My Southern customers are the ones who make it worth the energy to do whatever it is that I do.


      • Because Memphis is only about a five hour drive, we’ve spent a lot of time there. A few years back, I photographed a coffee table book there so I saw a lot of it. These days, we mostly spend our time around downtown. Southern people are very nice. I just can’t always understand them. Of course, New Orleans really isn’t the South. We are more like a third world Caribbean country. So many accents here. People from other places argue over the correct way to pronounce New Orleans. There isn’t one way. It’s a neighborhood thing.


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