Life on the Street

Life in Treme
Life in Treme

I’m going to tell you about the picture. You already know about second lines. You know about the music. You know about the color. The joy. The celebration. The children. The brass bands. The social aid and pleasure clubs.

At least, I hope you do. If you don’t, I haven’t done my job. Which wouldn’t surprise me.


The picture. I made a big technical change. Normally, I work with multiple cameras and lenses. The lenses are long and short. Usually, one camera body has a battery grip on it. For two reasons. My hands are big and my cameras are small. It gives me something to hold on to.  Also, Sony mirrorless bodies are battery-sucks. The camera is doing so much processing that it can drain a battery in about 90 minutes of heavy shooting. Or less.

For this second line, I worked with one body. One lens. A 16mm. Pancake. I think I mentioned this in an earlier post. I turned everything off but the auto focus function. I’m actually faster using a manual focus system. But, this has a weird match light system. It drives me crazy.

Why does any of this matter?

For one thing, the single battery lasted well over three hours. But, that’s not the important point. It’s this. I made this picture and all of the rest you’ve seen this week with a 16mm lens. Very wide. I also like to fill my frame. That’s something I was taught during my slide shooting days. I very rarely crop. When I do, it’s to trim — note that, trim — a little piece of something that shouldn’t be there, usually on the edge of the picture.


Picture this. I’m walking backwards, photographing with a lens that is very wide. Not only am I in the second line, but I’m less than two feet from the main subject. I can’t just stand there. I have to shoot, move, shoot again. Oh, don’t get me wrong. After a mile or two of this, I’m pretty tired. Generally, when I get home I need some time to recover. Maybe a day or two. Sheesh.

And, that’s the story.

Oh, there’s still this. Always this. At least for a few more weeks. Help a brother out. You know you want to…


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