Happy to see you again my friend
Happy to see you again my friend.

Today is a horribly sad day. It is one of those days when you could say that the music died. The truly legendary Allen Toussaint passed last night, in Spain, on tour.

I have some thoughts about it. You knew that I would.

First, you know his songs. Even if you never heard him play. Remember “Fortune Teller” that the Rolling Stones played early in their career? Yep. Or, “Yes We Can, Can.” “Brickyard Blues.” “Working in a Coalmine.” “Get Out of My Life.” Yep. The list goes on forever. The list of people who covered his music is stunning. Irma Thomas. The Who. The Hollies. Lee Dorsey. Al Hirt. Glen Campbell. Bo Diddley. Bonnie Raitt. Ernie K. Doe. That’s just a few.

Get the idea?

Sometimes, in New Orleans, our musicians matter. To us. They pass and we have these huge jazz funeral parade. But, outside of the city… Forgive me. I’m having a little trouble with this. Let’s just say one of the first posts I saw on Facebook was a message of condolence from the Rolling Stones.

If you’ve never heard him play, I’d suggest you listen to “Allen Toussaint, Songbook.” It’s live, recorded at Joe’s Pub, in New York. He had sort of a residency there after the storm. He continued to play there even after he returned home.

Me? I don’t have a picture new enough or good enough of him to post here. Sometimes I miss things. This happens to be one of those times.

And. And. And.

It’s weird with me. Every now and then I just don’t feel like working in my normal way. I usually write and post the night before you see the day’s Storyteller. Last night, I couldn’t make myself do it. Hmmmm…

The picture. I have a whole bunch of pictures from Sunday’s second line. Sudan. Social Aid & Pleasure Club. This is a picture of them as they are coming out. It’s about joy and happiness. It may be a little early, but this like the second half of a jazz funeral. I don’t know about you, but I could use it today. My advice? Turn up the music real loud. Hug the person next to you. He or she may be sad too.

RIP Allen Toussaint.


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