Street Music

Musical Concentration.
Musical Concentration.

I made a discovery yesterday. Actually, I’ve been coming to understand it for a while. It was just confirmed yesterday.


What is that? The short of it is that I need a little help from you to cover the hanging costs of my gallery show at NOLAPhoto, which is held in December. It’s expensive to print, mount, mat, frame and glaze large photographs. The long of it can be found on my post of November 4. You help me a little bit and I give you gifts. There is the link above, and a PayPal button to the right.

What did I discover? A lot of you read Storyteller via email. That’s great. But, you can only see so much. If I happen not to write much, you might open the email, see the picture and read my scribbling. And, that’s it. You might never see my notes about funding. I’m sorry to put the advertising on top, but, well, er, you know…

I also know that you can’t see comments, who I follow, and all the other social media stuff that I do. You also can’t see the sharing buttons. This explains a lot of things. Especially since the WordPress data didn’t seem to add up. Now it does.

That said, you know what they say about making plans.

I made it home in time to photograph the Saturday second line just fine. Of course, that meant I got up in the middle of the night, but so what?

I made it back. In plenty of time. To have the second line postponed because of a rain storm. Yesterday’s parade was already rescheduled because of an earlier rain storm last month. The Central City Festival that I also planned to photograph was cancelled outright. Some folks were complaining that there didn’t seem to be a “Plan B” for the festival. How can there be? Some of the entertainers were just passing through. They seemed to forget that the same thing happens when Jazzfest gets delayed by a storm. Some days just get cancelled.

Oh well.

Every weather app that I use says that it’s going to rain through most of today. Two second lines rained out in two days. Hopefully not. Keep your fingers crossed. I’d like to photograph some second line. Somewhere.



    1. Thank you. Filling the frame with my subject is just what I was taught to do. It’s hard, especially when you are working with wide lenses. Also, these second lines are little rugby scrums. Always moving and pushing forward. You rarely have a chance to set and shoot. I’ve been doing this for a long while so I a little sneaky, but it’s getting harder each time. 🙂


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