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Baby Indian

Starting young.

Starting young.

I made this picture last Super Sunday. In Central City. It is generally held on the Sunday prior to St. Joseph’s Day.

There are two other Super Sundays. This picture was made Uptown. The other two are Downtown, and on the Westbank.

Like everything around here, weather is often the controlling factor. When rain comes, these Sundays are postponed. This is New Orleans. We move Halloween. We move Sundays. Seems that we have a lot of power.

Or, not.

Seriously. Think about it. These suits are created and hand-made over the course of a year. A lot of hard work goes into them. They are normally only worn about three times a year.  Mardi Gras Day. Super Sunday. And, St. Joseph’s Day. The word “normally” is crucial. They are worn for certain unplanned performances. Musical events.  And, of course, Mardi Gras Indian funerals.

The suits are made from feathers, beads, mirrored buttons, satin… the list of material goes on and on.  Even though the suits are made for dancing in the street, rain can ruin them in a heartbeat. So, some Sundays can be postponed. Lot of power in the streets.

Then, of course, there are the children. The Indians of the future.  In many ways, this is where the culture starts. And, continues. I have no idea if this little one will grow into an Indian and follow the culture. But, I can hope. Old traditions are good traditions.

One more thing. Well, two.

The first thing is a little more important. I’ll actually be home by the time you read this. We’ve been on the road for what seems like forever. Actually, it’s been very good. That said, there is a small group of photographers who are out for almost every second line. As you might imagine, we have gotten to know each other and are friends. One sent a group private message via Facebook. His dad passed. He’s on his way to the East Coast. The very least I can do is be there on the street for him. Because, as you know, the work is prayer. Besides, there is a second line today — a weather make up — and one on Sunday. Two parades. Lots of good thoughts this weekend. Hopefully, your thoughts will be there too.

The second thing. You already know what it is. Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. I really do need help hanging this show.

My poster. For the gallery show.


And… don’d forget this…

For details, please see the November 4 post on Storyteller. I really do need help having this show.


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