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Day One. A Big, Huge Thank You.

Mardi Gras Indian Portrait

Mardi Gras Indian Portrait

We had a very good start to my gallery show GoFundMe campaign. There are another 29 days to go. I’m always of two minds when I see these kinds of campaigns. First, I feel like I’m begging. Second, a lot of my friends know what the process really costs. Many are very happy to help. In some way. With donations. With shares. With Likes. Or, Tweets. And there are some unintended consequences. I have some new Facebook friends. And, some new followers on Twitter. That’s all good.

Going forward. I’m not going to publish a consistent diet of “da culture” pictures for the next month. I’ll do it for about a week. I’ll go back to my usual kinds of work for a while. Then, I’ll add a few more Mardi Gras Indians, Second Liners or whatever seems to fit the bill. For all of us. I’m just like you. I don’t want to see the same genre of pictures day after day.

Oh, the pictures of the culture that I show you here are not the same ones that are in the show. What I really want is for you to come to the show. Even if you live in Europe. Or, Asia. Or, Texas.

Yesterday I published a lot more about suggested donations and my gifts for you. Just look for November 4, 2015 and you’ll find it. But, just in case, here’s the link to GoFundMe, again…

The whole process is pretty painless.

This picture. I made it at the funeral for Big Chief Bo Dollis of The Wild Magnolias. He was the man who brought the Mardi Gras Indian culture into general public consciousness with a music album. The music that you hear on the streets. More importantly, he helped bring peace to the streets. This is one of the Indians who came out to honor him. As those of you who have been around for a while know, I use bigger events to make other kinds of pictures. Portraits. Decisive moments. Details.

I made this picture in about 10am winter light. I exposed for the highlights in order to let the shadows get deep and contrasty. That also helped the color to pop. Of course, red and yellow usually just glows with low angled, bright direct light.


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