A Little Help, Please

My poster. For the gallery show.
My poster. For the gallery show.

I think I wrote about a month or so ago that I was asked to hang a show. My first show in New Orleans. It will  hang as part of the PhotoNOLA celebration. I mentioned yesterday that I was going to ask for money. As you know I keep my promise. Heh.


Here’s what’s going on. This is about four years worth of work. I started photographing Mardi Gras cultural events when I returned from exile in the high desert. As most of you know, not only doI photograph Carnival, but I spend almost every Sunday chasing after second lines, social clubs, brass bands. I photograph jazz funerals. Mardi Gras Indian events. Baby Dolls. I’ve pretty much attended every event there was. I’ve slowed done some, for reasons I’ve written about on Storyteller. Doing all of that was great fun.

Being asked to show my work is even more fun. I’m honored and humbled. But, it’s also very costly. No. There are no gallery or event fees. But, have you ever printed large photographs on really great paper, mounted, matted, framed and glazed them? It ain’t cheap. Add to that, the cost for invitations, little post card-like images that opening night guests can take with them, and light food and beverages for opening night and… you get it.

It’s a lot of money.

So. I’m asking for your help. I started a Gofundme campaign today. We are hoping to raise $5,000. That seems like a lot. I know. But, consider this. Museum quality glass for one picture costs about $175.00 That’s one picture. That still doesn’t include printing costs, mounting, matting, framing.

You get the picture. See what I did there.

Y’all have been with me for a long time. So, you get gifts. Gofundme is very different from kickstarted. They don’t ask you to provide gifts in exchange for donations. But, that doesn’t feel right on Storyteller. So here is what you get.

1. For a $15 donation, you can pick any one of the pictures shown on the  poster. It’ll be printed on  photo paper at 8″ x 10″

2.  For a $20 donation, the same as no. 1 and I’ll sign, date and  number it.

3.  For a $25 donation, pick two from the poster and they’ll be printed as no. 1.

4.  For a $30 donation, the same as no. 2 and I’ll sign, date and number it.

And, the big deal.

For a $75 donation you’ll get the signed, dated and numbered poster. But, here’s the cool thing. It will be printed on the same beautiful photo paper as the 8 x 10 pictures. Not only is it suitable for hanging on the wall, but it’s suitable for framing. You get the equivalent of the entire gallery show on a  22″ x 28″ sheet of paper.

Yes. We’ll pay for shipping. The prints will come in  properly wrapped bubble envelopes and the poster will be shipped in a tube.

So just click on the link below. Or, you can use the new, but as yet unexplained, PayPal button on the right. Now it’s explained. It’s not a donation button because I intend to use it for others things. Later. Much later.



    1. Thank you. Please share. In all honesty, this is my first show in my hometown. When I evacuated after Hurricane Katrina to New Mexico, I actually owned a piece of a gallery. But, that was different. Also, pictures are my job. But, what I produce for clients is also way different.


  1. Reblogged this on Monsters and Angels and commented:
    While on vacation in New Orleans, Ray was gracious enough to meet up with my husband and I for coffee. We spent a wonderful morning sharing experiences and learning a little more about NOLA.
    I would love to be able to attend the PhotoNOLA celebration, but I’ll be stuck in New Jersey.
    Check out his site and his photos! Great stories and fantastic Storyteller!


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