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A Sunday Picture

Storefront Church

Storefront Church

Sort of a nice Sunday picture, yes?

We have a lot of big, giant beautiful churches in New Orleans. If you’ve read Storyteller for any length of time, you know I like those. But,what I really like are churches like this one. A little store front church. In a little town. A simple place. The cross is simply made of old wood. The door to the church is on the left. Or, if you walk down the street there is another doorway. One of this diagonal things that might have been the entrance some kind of neighborhood store. Likely, a food store.

Yes. I agree. I should have entered it. I tried. It was early enough in the morning that it was locked up tight.

The picture. This is more about just being out there. Walking, driving or looking around until you see something that interests you. Then, you take a picture of it. Tinker with it a little in post production and you’re done. Nothing all that fancy.

Happy Sunday. Happy brand new month. My birth month.


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