This is normally a huge parade. It didn’t disappoint. The Original N.O. Lady and Men Buckjumpers Annual Parade is 31 years old. It is bold. Powerful. Loud. It was bigger than huge on Sunday. I’m not sure if people were making a statement about last weekend’s events. Or, if an 80 degree Thanksgiving weekend brought everybody out […]

A promise is a promise. I wrote, yesterday, that I would show you what was across the street from the old car repair shop. This is it. A 1932 Ford Panel Delivery Truck. It’s for sale. There’s a bit of a funny story to be told. While I was researching this old thing of rusted beauty, […]

What a nice corrugated wall. Give it a couple of weeks and the taggers will find it. All that nice sliver will be covered in graffiti. Weeks? What am I saying? Weeks, sheesh. Days. Maybe hours. You know it. I know it. If you look towards the far left of the picture you can see a […]

I just want to write for a minute. By now, it’s been national news. By now it’s also probably almost forgotten outside of New Orleans. After all, we are a violent city. We get what we deserve. They say. A quick recap for those of you who don’t know. As usual, there was a second […]

Yes. The King — Mr. Woodrow “Woody” Randall. And. My eye. The one I use to focus and frame when I take a picture. So. This post isn’t about “The King and I,” a musical about the King of Siam. Or, as we know it today, Thailand. This is about a second line parade. The Nine […]

This is one way. There are many other ways to board up windows on an abandoned building. I think I’ve just about documented most of them. But, this one is new to me. Cover the windows with brightly painted boards. I didn’t get close enough to see what these coverings are made of; I thought […]