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We Tried. I Swear.

Dead head.

Dead head.

We tried. We really did.

We even moved Halloween to an earlier day. It didn’t help. We did our little rain dances. Big storm coming.  It was too late. That didn’t help.  Nothing could. Nothing would.

We brought out our voodoo practitioners. Bitten. We brought out our social aid clubs. Chewed on. We brought out our Mardi Gras Indians. Eaten. We brought out our Mardi Gras krewes. You don’t want to know. The brass bands? They are still marching. To a very different beat.

New Orleans is now a zombie city. We are in the hands of the walking dead. Where is Rick when we need him? I think he’s headed to Virginia. Like that’s gonna help.

Seriously. Have you ever noticed? All this zombie stuff takes place in the south. What’s that about?

Happy Halloween.

They took over everything.

They took over everything.

Zombie head

Zombie head


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