A Splash of Light

A little more nature.

A picture of fall that didn’t really change. It looks like summer. Or, spring. Maybe not winter.

One thing did change. The way that I work. The geniuses at WordPress have now forced me into using their new method of formatting a post. I didn’t like it when they first made these changes. But, I managed to work around it. It seems that I can’t now. And, I hate it now. I’m a guy who never uses the word hate. It’s a little word that means way too much.

But, this? It’s not picture friendly. It’s not design friendly. I can’t see what the post looks like. And, I certainly don’t think that I can post multiple pictures. I think this started when I added that PayPal button. I asked for help because the WordPress directions aren’t all that clear. I think the so-called Automattician helped me out. More than I wanted. Oh, and they helped me a couple of days after I actually struggled through the work.

That said, the PayPal button is for a special project. But, feeling the way that I do right this minute, I may be coming to the end of my days with WordPress.

The picture. Just point the camera into the sun and shoot. That’s all.

Oh. One more thing. Se that word? Automattician? That’s a WordPress word for the programmers and coders who work for WordPress. Their very own spell check thinks it’s misspelled.

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