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The Leaf of Fall

That's it. The leaf of Fall.

That’s it. One leaf.

I’ve been too a lot of places recently. I really haven’t seen anything that came close to the Autumns that I remember. This has been a trend for the past couple of years. But, this year is the worst.

According to friends around the country, it’s been pretty much unseasonably warm just about everywhere. That’s toned down the brightness of normal fall color changes. You need at least one cold snap. I’ve hardly seen any bright color. Anywhere. I’m sure there are places I’ve missed. I saw some bright color online from New Mexico. Where I used to live.

So. This is it.

The Fall Leaf.




    • Really hard to know about fall color. Usually, it takes on cold snap and then the sugar in the leaves freezes enough to force bright color change. But, everywhere that we’ve been has been warmish…


  1. It’s been an odd fall … the reds looking good … should be interesting to see what the colors look after the cool, wet days ahead.


    • We were in Pittsburgh, Columbus, Bowling Green and Memphis among others. There was color change. But, very little pop. A friend of mine and fellow shooter makes an annual trip to Vermont to photograph fall color. He said that he was there a week to early. But, that was last week… very late in the season.


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