On the Avenue

Speeding Streetcar
Speeding Streetcar

There’s something about streetcars. I enjoy photographing them just about anywhere in the city.

This one happens to be zipping along on St. Charles Avenue. This would be the one that I would catch if I commuted somewhere. And, didn’t want to drive. For a while I couldn’t take the St. Charles streetcar anywhere without major complications. Nobody could. Constant construction saw to that.

Currently,  St. Charles Avenue sort of makes a double “S” curve and cars cross the tracks twice while the construction is being completed. But, at least rail  riders don’t have to  get on the streetcar, get off, get on a bus, get off the bus and get back on the streetcar. That added a lot of travel time anybody’s trip. And, if the bus was hung up in traffic… well, you get it.

About streetcar pictures. I like to show motion through blur that is enhanced by slow shutter speeds. This picture would probably be about ISO 100, 1/4 second at f5.6. I could check the data, But, it isn’t that important to me. I’ve been shooting like this since well before the time of never-ending meta data. I can stick my finger in the air and know certain exposures.


I’m not exactly sure this is an accurate picture. I doubt any streetcar every travels much faster than about 20 mph. For a passenger, it’s a nice slow and steady rolling ride. It’s relaxing. That’s not the way I photograph them. My pictures make the street car look like it’s traveling about 100 mph. Rocking. Rolling. But, a streetcar frozen in time looks a little boring to my eye.

I’ll figure out another approach. Someday.


    1. There is two things to know about this post. One, I’m not a writer. I’m write this stuff out of pure self defense. Most of it is just babbling. And, the blur is a viable and old school photo technique. Not everything in the world has to be photographed sharply (Nor should it be) , which is what they taught me waaaaay back in photo school.

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