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Nine Days

Bloody handprints

Bloody handprints.

You thought I forgot. I just know it. You thought I forgot that we are headed into a huge holiday. At least in New Orleans. Yes. It’s big everywhere. But, it’s huge in the city. That figures. We mask for everything. We think voodoo is a thing. We think cemeteries are haunted. All of them.

This place?

I found it when I photographed the second line that just about put me down. The big one that began in Terme, wound through the 7th Ward and ended up back about where it started. I saw the picture while I was parking. I crawled back to my car and tried to photograph it. But, between hurting a lot and the light being in the wrong place, the picture didn’t work. It didn’t work for me. It certainly wouldn’t have made you happy.


I went back to the scene of the parade and photographed this door again. I took my time. I worked the scene. Now, I’m much happier about it. I met a couple of neighbors who told me that I should return for the big night. When the whole street is decorated for ghosts, goblins and zombies. That’s one of the big benefits of really taking your time. You get to meet people. Some times that works out very well. This did. They didn’t want to be photographed just then. But, they said that I would be welcome to take pictures when they were dressed for the big orange and black night.


The picture. This is a lesson of persistence. Keep at it until you make the picture that you saw in your mind’s eye. Sure, you can help it out in the digital studio. Sure, there is plenty that you can do in post production. I do that all the time. But, the base photograph is always good on its own. That’s where I like to start. As they used to say in the computer world. GIGO.



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