The Road and Some Other Stuff

Out on the Road. Volume 6,891,983.
Out on the Road. Volume 6,891,983.

“Now what would they do if I just sailed away
Who the hell really compelled me to leave today
Runnin’ low on stories of what made it a ball
What would they do if I made no landfall
I lived half my life in an eight by five room
Just crusin’ to the sound of the big diesel boom
It’s not close quarters that would make me snap
It’s just dealing with the daily unadulterated crap

Sail away, for a month at a time
Sail away, I’ve got to restart my mind
And you’ll find me back at it again”

© 1977 Jimmy Buffett/EMI Music Company

Ever feel that way? Me too. Especially that last line. Before the chorus. Especially when every place starts looking the same. Here. There. Everywhere. Luckily, I’m out of that shooting funk. Or, maybe that’s not so lucky. Right now. It’s always something. Right?

The picture. Out the windshield again. Luckily, I wasn’t driving. The rest is pretty simple. F5.6 and push the button. Shoot into the light. Not with the light at my back. As they tell you to do.



  1. Can’t argue with an old Jimmy Buffett song, and usually I think of On The Road Again by Willie Nelson when in travelling mode. ☺


  2. I’m figuring one or two more long trips, possibly the EU and somewhere else. By the time that happens I’ll be ready to stay put, or so I tell myself. Hard to tell, though, as this has become “my time”.


  3. Since you seem to be on a bit of a budget, I’d suggest one of two long trips. Or both. Either eastern euro countries or SE Asia or even more rural China. I say rural because cities like Shanghai and Beijing are crowded, polluted and pricey. And, they don’t look like what you think of when you say China.


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