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Red Cars

Red Cars for Jesus

Red Cars for Jesus

Seriously. Before you read any further, open the picture. Then, you’ll understand the caption. I never knew that Jesus had a car club. Or, that Jesus even had a car. Hmmm… I’ll have to go read up on this new development. I have to admit. He’d have looked pretty good cruising around in that beast of a car. Or, the red Caddy convertible behind it. Sheesh. Even I’d look pretty cool in that car.

These are the kinds of scenes — and pictures — that are near and dear to my heart. They are quirky. They take a very twisted sense of humor to even want to stop and take the picture. To tell you the truth, I passed it by. Twice. I saw something else that caught my attention. But, I just had to stop the second time around. I also felt like I had to leave the scene pretty loose so you could get any idea of the neighborhood. Actually, it’s not a great representation of it. Because. Right across the street is the horse racing track where Jazzfest is held. The Fair Ground Race Track which is a couple of blocks away from The Fair Grinds coffee shop. This is my old neighborhood. I used to spend a lot of time in the coffee shop. Not so much at the race track.

The picture. Nothing technical about it. Just mind your surroundings. Tell me who said that. And, in what movie?

See. I’m easily influenced.



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