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Big Booming Brass



Let’s face it. The thing that interests me most at a second line is the band. Sure. I like the color and pageantry of the clubs hosting the parade and the children who are coming up, but what I really like is listening to the music. And, photographing the people who play it. I’ll do that anywhere. A club. A concert. A festival. But, I really like working on the streets… at least as far as making pictures of musicians go. While I have almost no control, I have a lot of control. As far as lighting goes. As far as being able to change positions. And, interact with the band.

I’m not back tracking. A few weeks ago I wrote that I was getting a little burnt out photographing second lines. That I really don’t like being in crowds and that’s really a second line. A moving and very noisy crowd. That hasn’t changed. I’m not going to come out every weekend. If there happens to be a parade on Saturday and Sunday, I’ll pick one. Or, neither. I’ll pick the ones I’m interesting in photographing. The choice might come down to what band is playing.

Sounds simple. Right?

It isn’t. I get a little OCD about these things. We’ll see.

One more thing. This second line was dedicated to breast cancer survivors and those who are now ancestors. I’ll show you how the ladies did that tomorrow.

The pictures. A little long lens compression. The rest of was about the same. F8. And, get the image in focus while all of us were moving quickly.

Blowing his Trumpet.

Blowing his Trumpet.

A Lot of Brass.

A Lot of Brass.

And, a Little Trumpet.

And, a Little Trumpet.


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