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Cease Fire

Sign of the Times.

Sign of the Times.

I was on my way to the Saturday second line and looking for place to park, when I stumbled upon this little scene. So, I parked across the street.

I saw that sign.

Cease Fire. That campaign is at least four years old. It seems as appropriate to today as it was back then. Nothing has changed. Not on this street. Not in this neighborhood. Not in the city. Or, the country. If anything, things have gotten worse.

But, that’s not the point of this post. We live in Gun World. It appears we have to just deal with it. Get a little numb. Or, get a little stupid. Take matters into our own hands. Shoot a few shoplifters. Or, shoot the victim. By mistake. Yeah. Good guys with guns. Can’t shoot straight. Don’t train to react appropriately. Just carry a gun. Point it when you feel like it. Squeeze the trigger whenever.

Uh huh.

At least the sign in the picture refers to bad guys. Gangs. Drug dealers. Sheesh. Now, I’m not sure who worries me more. The bad guys. Or, the good guys trying to help me. And, you wonder why I don’t like being on the streets so much. Anymore.

That still really wasn’t the point. So how about this? The picture was made in Central City. In New Orleans. I added a lot to it in post production. To make a point.

Which point?

I dunno. You pick.



  1. Well said. It is scary out there. We recently went to a HS Home Coming game in my home town of Lorain, Ohio. (That is about 40 miles west of Cleveland – where 1 or more are shot to death every night it seems.) I couldn’t help sitting there thinking my God, I hope no one pulls a gun and starts shooting.


    • Thank you. It’s out of control. New Orleans has always been a rough place, but lately… I have to go make a lot of pictures today and tomorrow and I really don’t feel safe anywhere. Hmmmm.


  2. To me, the picture looks like everyone is hiding in the house and that sign is pleading for a cease-fire. 😦 It totally sucks that you don’t feel safe in your home city.


    • As I said earlier, this city has always been rough. But, it’s gotten a little crazy. In order to keep the Quarter somewhat safe, we have to pay for off duty State Troopers to patrol as well as regular NOPD. Meanwhile, in my neighborhood, there’s been a rash of armed robberies. We just don’t have enough cops. Luckily, we spend some of our time in the north. Brooklyn.


      • I saw the State Troopers last October when I was there. I’m glad they’re back again, though I’ll still be edgy walking late at night…or I break down and take a cab. I’m visiting for Halloween again. 🙂


  3. They are back because the guy who has the garbage contract paid for it. Come January, we’ll have to find another way to pay their salaries. That said, most of this current spike in crimes is happening during the day to early evening hours. In July, when we were averaging a murder a day, there were two running gun battles in fairly good neighborhoods. One at around noon and the other around 5pm. We will be in the MidWest for part of that weekend, but are off on Halloween. One or both of us will be back because I like to photograph the parade. If you and your husband are available, I’d love to have a coffee or lunch or something with you.


  4. Sounds great! Our only plans on Halloween Saturday are at night< Vampire Ball at House of Blues. I'm making my husband Scott go. 🙂 We'll be in town from Wednesday-Monday.


  5. You have my email, yes?

    You know that’s a hugely busy weekend in NOLA. That’s also Voodoo Fest weekend, which means the place will be packed. That’s the second biggest festival to jazz Fest.

    So, here’s my idea assuming you can wake up by around noon on Sunday. 🙂 If you haven’t been to a real neighborhood second line, you should go. I can meet y’all somewhere in, or near, the Quarter and we can go see “We are One,” who is walking in Central City. I don’t know their starting time yet, but I’ll guess 12 or 1 pm. I won’t walk the whole second line, but a good part of it.

    Something like that work for you?


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