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A couple of photographers.

A couple of photographers.

It’s come to this. Taking pictures of other photographers taking pictures.

Not really. But, the contrast was pretty striking. i-Phones are fun. DSLRs don’t seem to be. I don’t know. Sometimes, I don’t look like I’m having all that much fun on the streets. But, mostly that’s because I’m focused. I’m intent. I’m thinking. My facial expression doesn’t have much to do with my attitude. Or, visa versa.

This picture was really luck. I was following the second liner through the viewfinder. I’m not even actually sure that I saw the photographers. For sure, I didn’t see the one with the pink camera case. She sort of hopped into the picture. What an expression. What luck. If truth be told, there are many times when I’m photographing second lines when people move, shift  and turn so fast that the picture I thought that I was taking was not the one I took. Sometimes that turns out well. Often it doesn’t.

Luck. Photographer’s luck.



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