Not Everything Is…

Not a happy little guy.
Not a happy little guy.

… what it seems.

At first look, these children are being held behind bars. Heh! No way. They are inside the Young Men Olympian Jr. club house getting ready to walk in the second line parade. I think, like most children, they’d rather be outside than inside. They are letting their feelings be known. I understand. I’m a lot like they are. I’d rather be outside too.

Unfortunately, all the walking with two long second line parades over rough streets, through heavy crowds and avoiding the paraders who were moving very quickly, kept me down for a day while I recovered. Inside. Mostly sleeping.

That was my yesterday.

Today, most of me is fine. But my poor surgically repaired hip was not happy. It’s still not happy. But, there is progress. Now it just hurts a lot. Mostly in one place. Rather than all over my lower back.

I told you. Photographing these parades costs me a lot.

The interesting thing is that once I start walking with the parade I really don’t feel all that bad. Between staying focused on the work and the brass band music, my mind escapes to another place. There really is something to mind over matter.

If you walk a couple of miles with the parade, guess what? You have to walk back to wherever you parked the car. The energy that got you there is gone. So is the adrenaline. Instead of being light on your feet; you feel every rock, pebble, crack and broken bit of pavement on our terrible streets. I could get started on the streets, but you don’t have days to read my rant. One day, in the far distant future, I hope to drive down my own street without fear of braking an axle.

Oh well.

The pictures. This kind of work is always F8 and be there. It’s really a matter of practicing a lot. You know. See the picture, react, press the button and move on.

Just a little protection
Just a little protection


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