Dance. Dance. Dance.

Second Line Dancing
Second Line Dancing. One.
Second Line Dancing. Two.
Second Line Dancing. Two.

Two days. Two second lines.

I was sore after the first one, but still ready for the second one. Except, this one started late. An hour late. No worries. This is New Orleans, after all. And, I got know some of my brother and sister photographers a little better.

It’s a good thing that the Family Ties Social Aid & Pleasure Club is a small group. One division. One band. Not like Saturday’s which was — as a friend of mine said — like five second lines in one parade.

It was really hard work photographing this second line. More than usual. The ropes were tightly enforced. Photographing the club coming out was almost impossible. I suppose that they were also moving faster than usual. The crowd was pretty big for a smallish social club. It seemed that I couldn’t get set to focus and press the button. But, I did what I could. I always do.

I’m going to pay for it, today and probably tomorrow. Very sore. Very achy. As I said to another friend of mine, “I’m too old for this.” I’m not sure about that, but these things are like a contact sport without really hard-hitting contact. But still… you dodge, weave, walk backwards, sprint up ahead, drop back, get in the crowd, get ahead of the crowd and find the time to actually take a picture.

Do I really have to discuss how I made these pictures? One word. Only one word. Luck.

Second Line Dancing. Three.
Second Line Dancing. Three.
Second Line Dancing. Four.
Second Line Dancing. Four.


  1. You make it impossible for me to pick a favorite photo of yours.
    Not that you ever ask me to 🙂
    That second photo captures everything – the moves, the emotions, the colors.
    I hope you know how talented you are.


    1. Of these? Noon. 🙂 Just something like a video except that I rarely shoot video. Here’s apparel about talent. One thing a new rookie learned about the greatest basketball player in history, Michael Jordon, was that he had an amazing work ethic. He practiced about four hours a day even during off season. The biggest reason — there are a couple of reasons — that I continue to shoot this street work is to stay in shape for my clients. As much as I enjoy these pictures, and you too, they will never make a dime. But, still I continue on… except for the next couple of weeks. 🙂

      BTW, I see you went with the Tom Sawyer approach to your blog. Good on you.

      Liked by 1 person

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