We Tried. I Swear.

We tried. We really did. We even moved Halloween to an earlier day. It didn’t help. We did our little rain dances. Big storm coming.  It was too late. That didn’t help.  Nothing could. Nothing would. We brought out our voodoo practitioners. Bitten. We brought out our social aid clubs. Chewed on. We brought outContinue reading “We Tried. I Swear.”

They Moved It

A big storm is coming soon. On Saturday. So. They changed it. They changed Halloween. That’s right. Many Southeastern Louisiana parishes changed Halloween. To Tonight. That’s Right. Friday, October 30th. They did it in Orleans Parish. Really, that just means it will be two nights of careening around. Because. Halloween is not a legal holiday. SoContinue reading “They Moved It”

A Splash of Light

A little more nature. A picture of fall that didn’t really change. It looks like summer. Or, spring. Maybe not winter. One thing did change. The way that I work. The geniuses at WordPress have now forced me into using their new method of formatting a post. I didn’t like it when they first madeContinue reading “A Splash of Light”

More Speed

Like any good artist when somebody comments that it’s “too bad the picture isn’t sharp,” I have no choice but to publish another one. One that shows even more speed. More motion. More blur.  One that is even less sharp. What else could I do? I learned this technique from musician Neil Young. I readContinue reading “More Speed”

Cadillac Dreams

Fins. Clouds. Freedom. A dream. Isn’t that what  the 1950s and 60s was supposed to be about? A dream. This picture is about symbols. Icons. And, the one that I cobbled together. Remember a few weeks back? When I discovered the Cadillac Farm? When I was supposed to be photographing a jazz funeral? I didn’t show youContinue reading “Cadillac Dreams”

The Leaf of Fall

I’ve been too a lot of places recently. I really haven’t seen anything that came close to the Autumns that I remember. This has been a trend for the past couple of years. But, this year is the worst. According to friends around the country, it’s been pretty much unseasonably warm just about everywhere. That’s toned downContinue reading “The Leaf of Fall”

The Sun Exploded

I was going to title this post something like “Out on the Road Number 786xxx.” But, I looked at what my post production did to the sun. It exploded. So I had no choice. That’s enough for a Sunday morning. Have a good day. Go out and play.

On the Avenue

There’s something about streetcars. I enjoy photographing them just about anywhere in the city. This one happens to be zipping along on St. Charles Avenue. This would be the one that I would catch if I commuted somewhere. And, didn’t want to drive. For a while I couldn’t take the St. Charles streetcar anywhere withoutContinue reading “On the Avenue”

Nine Days

You thought I forgot. I just know it. You thought I forgot that we are headed into a huge holiday. At least in New Orleans. Yes. It’s big everywhere. But, it’s huge in the city. That figures. We mask for everything. We think voodoo is a thing. We think cemeteries are haunted. All of them. ThisContinue reading “Nine Days”

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