If only I had any idea.
I have no idea.

I resumed work on my almost forgotten Central City project. Event though I go there on alternating Sundays to photograph second line parades, I really haven’t taken the time to document the neighborhood’s progress. Or, lack of progress.

I am happy to report that the neighborhood is slowly started to come back. From the storm. And, from years of neglect. It’s got a long way to go. But, it is progressing nicely. I can also report that the shell of a Victorian, gothic-looking three-story house that we bought for back taxes is also coming back. The back wall has been restored. The interior has been restored to the point that the kitchen is almost ready for appliances. The stairs still need finishing and a bannister installed. It is certainly habitable as it stands.

All of that said, I have no idea why this little American Flag is attached to the fence. It caught my eye as I was passing by. I actually drove around the block, down two more streets in order find my through the maze of one way streets and returned to it in order to make the picture.

If you look closely at the flag, it’s very well done. I don’t know why it’s there, but I have a very good idea of who made it. Not the person, exactly. But, that work is very good. The stripes are correct. The stars are correct. It looks like the handiwork of a Mardi Gras Indian.

The picture. The picture as I made it in the camera is just fine. It needed a little darkening. A boost in contrast. You know me. I’m trying to go further. So, I added a lot of aging, cracking, weathering and scratching after the fact.