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Something Like Autumn



Our version of Fall. Southeast Louisiana. Leaves are changing color all over the country. Some will change here too. Eventually. Of course, if you grow bamboo, the leaves don’t change color. One more thing about bamboo. Once you plant it, it will take over everything and you can’t kill it.

The pictures. Just a little depth of field exercise with help from a little bit of glow in post procession.

And other thing…  Since you saw my rain picture, you’ve probably figured out that those of us who live in Southeast Louisiana couldn’t photograph the moon. There was cloud cover just about everywhere. Today still.

It might be just as well.

As I said in a reply here on storyteller, I saw about 2,989,786 pictures of what looked like a pumpkin on a dark background. You really do need an earthly foreground subject to give the moon a sense of place and time. It’s even better if the foreground subject isn’t some predictable landmark. There is actually a Twitter feed discussing just why a smart phone couldn’t get the job done. Most of the pictures are very amusing. Even with DSLR cameras, people keep trying to use lenses that are longer and longer to photograph the moon. I must be an idiot. I keep trying to go wider and wider.

Closer and Closer

Closer and Closer



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