Rain. No Second Line.

A night of rain.
A night of rain.

No second line today.

It rained. A lot. Sort of a semi-tropical storm that built up in the Gulf.

Normally, most second lines will run regardless of the weather. Not today.  The leaders had the time to make a decision.

Today, I learned something about why second lines walk in bad storms. Or, walk when nobody shows up. It’s pretty simple. The parade leaders waited too long to cancel. They lose their city  permit money if they postpone later than two hours before starting time.

Second line investments are pretty costly. If a parade is large like today’s was supposed to be, the organization spends a lot of money for the permit itself, policing, paying the bands, post parade clean up and so on. They hold all sorts of fund-raisers throughout the year to do this. It’s hard work. They don’t want to just toss their money away.


The parade was shut down about two and half hours before start time.  As nature would have it, the rain stopped before start time and did not resume until much later.  It was supposed to start falling again about mid-parade. It didn’t. Sheesh. When have you ever known a weather person to be right?

There’s more. About second line rescheduling.

I looked at the second line schedule for this season. There is no open Sunday through the end of the year. A friend of mine as they would just reschedule on a Saturday. Nope. By tradition, only the Black Men of Labor walk on a Saturday.

Can you guess why?

When second lines began to walk free of jazz funerals, many of the social and aid clubs’ members worked six days a week. Sunday was church day, and a time to relax with family. That tradition holds true today even though many members of the clubs work a more normal five days a week, or own a businesses, or work in professional jobs or so on.

A bell rang way in the back of my brain. It seems like this happened in either 2013 or 2014. The club who postponed their second line did walk on Saturday. But, they joined the Black Men of Labor’s second line to do it. I suppose something like that will happen this year. Both social clubs — Young Men Olympian Jr and the Black Men of Labor  — are very old line and well-respected. They’ll work it out. It’ll be a massive parade. I’m guessing that it will have at least four divisions and four brass bands.

That said, “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.”

Out I went into the night. To the French Quarter. To Bourbon Street.

This picture was taken at f5.6 at I have no idea how many seconds. Probably 1/4 or 1/2 a second. In a case like this, I pick the aperture and let the camera pick the shutter speed… up to a point. I want my shutter speed to be somewhere around 1/8 to 1/2 a second. The way to control this easiest is with the ISO control. Of course, the higher the ISO, the more potential you have to introduce a lot of noise. Going to Bourbon Street was by design. It’s better lighted. It’s brighter. The colors are warm. I didn’t have to crank up the ISO quite as far. I also don’t want to have to fiddle with the controls. I just want to make pictures.

Oh yeah. I can check the EXIF data to learn exactly how I shot the picture. But, I don’t really care. I’ve been at this long enough to be fairly certain of what I did. I’m not a pixel peeper.

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