On the Bridge

Coming Out.
Coming Out. 

Good Fellas is the only second line that appears on an overhead walkway or catwalk. The parade members come out of a place called the Eiffel Society, make a left turn when they reach street level and start walking.

The Eiffel Society is, in their own words; a club, a bar, a garden, a gallery, a catwalk and a stage. They serve drinks and food. They play a lot of music. DJ style. According to their website, it is the original cafe that was once perched on the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was shipped on a boat in boxes and assembled from 11,062 pieces like a giant set of Legos as part of the 1984 World’s Fair. It stands 14 feet tall and is located on St. Charles Avenue only a few blocks away from our house.

I don’t think it’s like Legos. It’s more like an Erector Set, which I don’t believe is made anymore.

That’s really all I know about it. Except that it changes hands fairly frequently and while it may be sort of a local landmark, it sure looks weird. It’s out-of-place. And, time.

The only second line that uses it as a starting point is Good Fellas. That’s sort of cool although that catwalk can get jammed up pretty easily with spectators, photographers and videographers. In fact, if you get behind the second line, you’ll be stuck behind it until you work your way through the crowd at the base of the stairs. For the way that I like to work that’s like death.

The picture. I often like you to see the subject and the surrounding area. That’s what you get in this frame. Mama and her babies. And, the catwalk. The rest is pretty simple. See the picture. Take the picture. Almost no work in post production. I am testing something to replace all forms of Adobe software. So, maybe no more Photoshop. No more Bridge. No more Lightroom.

We’ll see.


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