Happy to see you again my friend
Happy to see you again my friend.

It’s moments like these. That make working in the heat and humidity completely worthwhile. Yeah. Sure. I like the music. I like the social aid and pleasure clubs. The Indians when they come out. Even though I really don’t like big crowds, if the truth be told, I like these crowds.

But, I really like the little moments. Friends meeting. Hugs. Joy. Happiness. Smiles. Whispers.

This is the best of life. “The Family as Man” as the old project once called a collection of pictures like these. In many ways, that’s what these parades are about. A yearly gathering of friends, family and neighborhoods. I may go for the music. For the culture. To take pictures. But, when you get down to it, I’m happy to see my friends and fellow photographers. I’m happy to see pals on the scene.

Not to worry. When it’s time to take pictures, that changes. A little. It’s time for pictures. To focus. That’s also why I came. Mostly why I came.

The pictures. You know that I’m going to say. F-8 and be there. But, there’s more. You really have to pay attention to these “little moments.” The things that happen around you that aren’t directly event related. Then, it’s timing. Anticipation. The moment. The decisive moment.

One Small Kiss
One small kiss.
A Whisper
A whisper.


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